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2. Improve a commercial team’s capability in turning insight into action

We designed and delivered a Category Capability program to build a better understanding of how to identify and unlock Category Insights for any commercial function!

Key Deliverables:

  1. A 1 day training module which has a simple and memorable 3 step approach to identifying and unlocking Category Insights
  2. Clear templates to provide visual prompts when working through the process outside of the training program
  3. Providing a consistent approach to Category Insight interpretation
  4. Developing the ability to condense the finding into an engaging presentation of the issues and opportunity for a customer/channel
  5. 10 courses ran with 93% feedback score on content and 98% score on delivery

Simple, easily digestible concepts with a logical flow. Great use of recaps to check knowledge progression and learning. Good training material handouts.
Head of Category & Shopper


Great structure, flow, approach and tools. Built to accompany Selling Skills Training and not replace. A reminder of Category over brand focus to achieve results.
Customer Director